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After starting our families, we investigated the world around us and discovered a lot we didn't like. We looked at the food, pharmaceutical, and the medical industries and weren't satisfied. Chemicals, pesticides, processed foods, pollution, and the list goes on and on. We needed to do better for ourselves, for the Earth and for our children.

We began cleaning with baking soda, shopping for organic produce, and taking a really good look at what we were putting on our skin. Knowing how many drugs were coming in patch form, we realized how readily our skin absorbed what was put on it. We looked hard for products that really were pure, not just claimed to be. The search was difficult and confusing at first, but once we found products we trusted, we wanted to spread the word. It's hard not to talk about why many chemicals are bad for you or to be enthusiastic about chemical-free living.

Creating a company to educate and help others in their quest for pure skin care products was the natural step for us. We searched the globe for the most effective, organic and natural skin care products available. We have more stringent standards than just being paraben or phthalate free. The products we sell are truly wonderful, natural products. They have a shelf life because they aren't filled with harmful chemicals that preserve them for years. Best of all, by using natural products we are sending a message to manufacturers of harmful chemicals that says we've had enough. Mother Earth has had enough.

We created CarenOnline as a safe place to shop, research, and learn more about healthy, natural skin care. We hope we help you to discover the beauty of natural living. We encourage you to contact us if you have any questions or concerns or just want to be informed. Drop us an email or sign up for our newsletter. We believe in the cause and our products so strongly, we have a 100% money back guarantee. You deserve nothing less.

To your good health,

Your friends at CarenOnline


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