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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  How do I know what products will be best for my skin?
A.  While it is often a trial and error process to find the perfect combination of products for your particular skin, we can help narrow down the selection.  Just drop us a line regarding your skin type, skin concerns, current products, skin allergies, age, and any other information that could help us in making recommendations.  Just click on "Ask Caren!" at the top right to get started. We love to help!

Q.  Are natural products really better for you?
A.  We think so! Avoiding harmful chemicals, such as endocrine disruptors and potentially carcinogenic compounds found in parabens, DEA/TEA and others, and replacing them with ingredients found in nature and proven over the centuries to be good for your skin is the best thing for you and the planet. 

Q.  Will the products work the same as the ones I'm used to?
A.  Yes and no. Some differences you'll notice right away. The scents are very natural and botanical without heavy synthetic fragrances. Also, chemical thickeners, lathering agents and chemical preservatives have been left out. Other things you'll notice over a few weeks time. Your skin will respond as well or better than anything you've ever used before.

Q.  Is putting something on your body the same as putting something in it?
A.  Have you noticed how many medications come in a patch form these days? Conventional thought used to be that the skin was a barrier to the outside world. Now we know that chemicals can penetrate the skin into our bodies. This is why we founded CarenOnline to educate and assist in safe, effective skin care.

Q.  Are all chemicals bad for you?
A.  No. Just as not all things from nature are good for you; both arsenic and anthrax occur naturally. We've done the research for you to help sort out the bad from the good.

Q. What is the shelf life of natural products?
A. Because harmful preservatives have been left out, natural products do not have unlimited shelf life. Plus, the products we carry our fresh and your skin will receive the most benefit if used while they are fresh! We recommend most products be used up with 8 to 10 months of purchase or in the case of sunscreen, by the expiration date printed on the packaging. Please purchase only the amount you know you will use within that time.

Q. What about the role of diet and exercise?
A. Beauty starts from the inside out. Feeding your skin, both internally and externally, is important. Our environment bombards us with unavoidable toxins that must be flushed out through filtered water, healthy eating, AND regular exercise.

Q. What products should I start with?
A. We always think that finding the perfect cleanser is the foundation of any great skin care regime and then work your way up from there.  Since your skin is your largest organ, don't forget the body lotion too.


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