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Incomplete Ingredient Lists...

Incomplete Ingredient Lists... Is There Something to Hide?

A word about companies that don't provide complete ingredient lists. It may be they have nothing to hide. They may truly believe that trade secrets would be revealed by listing the ingredients. Unfortunately, we can't be sure without complete disclosure, so we shy away from any product that does not provide a complete ingredient list. How do you know if it's a complete list? Well, often it can be hard.

Some companies will simply state under the ingredients "a proprietary base" or "a proprietary blend of", and only state a few ingredients that they feel are noteworthy or will help sell the product. Other companies will list only the "active" ingredients, leaving you to wonder about the rest. Still, a few companies have been sneaky enough to list what looks like an entire ingredient list but in actuality it is lacking some key ingredients that only a chemist would notice missing: i.e. a key emulsifier to make the oil and water components stay blended together. A few of the companies that claim to be pure have not only kept their ingredients a secret, but have also refused to sign the Compact for Safe Cosmetics pact furthering the suspicion that they may have something to hide.

When in doubt about a product's ingredients write the manufacturer for a full disclosure or check with the Environmental Working Group's Skin Deep database or go to for more information. The website lists many skin care products' manufacturers and their ingredients and also shows the safety information on particular ingredients. Smaller companies may have already signed the Truth in Labeling Pledge at

To be a safe consumer we must be informed consumers. Taking the time to educate yourself, not just on skin care ingredients but in all products you buy for yourself and your family, will help send a message to companies that we are aware of what goes into these products and will no longer accept harmful chemicals in our world.

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